bow hunting

Archery is one of man’s (that includes women too) most primitive hunting technique. The art of using a bow for sustenance is in our genes, and bow hunting today has kept the art of using a bow alive and well. With all the sophistication in today’s bows, shooting a bow is still incredibly difficult for the novice archer. Add to the equation a live, moving target and you soon realize just how hard it is and the discipline that is required to be a great bow hunter.

It goes without saying that practice in the art of bow hunting is necessary, but these easy tricks can help you improve your technique even a little bit so you can improve your shot and challenge your range.

Have A Mantra

Many hunters, like every other person undertaking competitive task, have their own rituals filled with superstition. That isn’t a mantra – what we are speaking to here is the a saying or train of thought you have in order to keep you focused. Let me explain – when you are out there hunting and see your bulk, your boar or even your goose, adrenaline takes over. Your eyesight gets hyper focused, your muscles tense up and you can hear your own heartbeat. This can cause you to get off track, become nervous and lose your concentration. The best hunters have a set of steps or saying they say to themselves in order to stay focused. This includes breathing, properly drawing, aiming and releasing. Sometimes, its even a reminder to just not be scared.

Train Your Body

Bow Hunting may require just your hands, but the act is mentally and physically drawing. Being a good hunter requires extreme fitness just to get the prey. To aim successfully you also need great mindset, a strong mind and great eyesight. Visit the gym regularly to stay in shape, and see an eye doctor if your vision is off. We recommend Avant-Garde in Frisco, but that’s just because we live there.