Whoever said if you don’t use it you lose it was right…sort of. We are not talking about what you think we are, but we are talking about something a lot of men and women lose as they age: your sex drive. As you age, it’s no secret that you slowly begin to slow your horses, and it takes longer for you to work up or regain your sex drive, if you have it at all.

Why does this happen?

A lot of it has to do with the fact that when you are younger you simply have less to worry about. Fresh hormones and being in an environment where you are surrounded by the opposite sex just as hormonal is a great breeding ground for your hormones. As you age, you gain more responsibilities and more stress which has been known to affect your sex drive. Some people just naturally have a low sex drive, so as they age it becomes non-existent. Women typically have it more difficult than men too, according to this online sex survey.

How To Fix It?

This being a fitness blog, the way to fix it naturally (without the blue pill), comes down to fitness. Exercising is known to activate your hormones and release both testosterone for men and estrogen for women. On a physical level, working out just makes you a healthier person, allowing your body to handle stress and fatigue much easier than someone who doesn’t work out as much. In fact, the affects of fitness improve almost every aspect of your life, from sleep to memory to happiness. This combination results in an increased sex drive.

Highly intensive cardio has been proven to release more amounts of testosterone and estrogen as well, so challenge yourself to go that extra mile on the track and see how much farther you’ll be able to go in the bedroom.