As some of our readers may have noticed, Intensive Care Appeal got a new look a few weeks back as we rebranded and focused our business on improving your health and providing tips on fitness. This was premeditated and we put in a lot of work improving our brand. Many people have since asked how the change has affected our business, and I must admit that the change was extremely positive.


Our clientele like the new website, find it easier to navigate and enjoy the tips they receive on how to improve their health in just a short time. Our recent success has led me to post about what makes a successful rebranded for any future business leaders out there looking to do the same.

Make Sure Your New Message Is Clear

The last thing you want to do is confuse loyal customers and readers with your new branding and risk losing them forever. If you are going to change your website name, domain and contact information, its super important that you make this clear to your current members. Additionally, when you rebrand let your members know the meaning of the new look: what the message behind it is, what it represents for the company and how it will benefit them.

Always Keep Improving

Because you are changing the way your members interact with your brand, and because people are such creatures of habit, it is important that when you do change, you change for the better. You will inevitable lose a few people with your change but deprecating the User Interface or User Experience with your new look is not smart. We decided to go with a fresh, new and modern look for a new website and consulted a commercial production company in SF on making a promotional video that would convey our new image clearly.

All in all we had a very positive experience.