Are you looking for workouts of the day (WOD)? There are many great CrossFit WOD to help you get in shape at a lightning-fast speed. However, some are certainly better than others at achieving that goal. Here are some of the top CrossFit WODs you can do:


  1. Fran

This WOD is a series of thrusters/pull-ups that are done at the fastest rate possible. It’s a short WOD that includes 3 rounds. That includes a total of 21 reps for each exercise during the first round. Then in the 2nd round there are 15 reps, and during the 3rd round there should be 9 reps. It’s important to make adjustments to your WOD based on your particular ability. The thruster can have different weights and you can also perform jumping pull-ups.


  1. The Seven

This exercise is performed as fast as possible. It’s done in a cycle for a total of 7 rounds. Each round has 7 hand-stands and push-ups, 7 135-lb thrusters, 7 knee-to-elbows, 7 knee-to-elbows, 2 deadlifts with 245-pounds, 7 burpees, 7 kettlebell swings, as well as 7 pull-ups. This is a very challenging WOD. However, it can definitely provide fast results. It’s highly advisable to add the WOD to your regimen and can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals, which is definitely a plus.


  1. Filthy 50

This is a basic CrossFit exercise. It’s very tough and can seem very challenging for people who have never done it before. This circuit includes 50 repetitions of 10 various exercises. They are all done at the fastest rate possible. They include different exercises including the following: back extensions, burpees,

double-unders, jumping pull-ups, knees to elbows, kettlebell swings, push press with 45 pounds, walking lunge steps, and wallballs (20-pound ball).


  1. The Ryan

This is a difficult WOD that includes 5 rounds. Each of them is done as quickly as possible. Each round should include 7 muscle-ups, then 21 burpees. This particular WOD is named after Missouri firefighter an Hummert. He was killed by a sniper at the time he was responding to a call.


  1. Murph

This is a basic but very tough WOD to do. In fact, it’s important to consider this factor when comparing different WODs. They don’t necessarily have to be complex in order to be tough. This is based on various factors such as how tough the exercises are. Another major factor is the order they’re done in. Both issues can have a major effect on how tough a WOD is.


First you should run 1 mile. Then do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats. The next step is to run 1 mile again. It’s important to run the mile as fast as you can. Pull-ups can include modifications when necessary. Athletes with a lot of experience can do the WOD while wearing a weighted vest. If you’re wondering, the WOD is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy. He died while serving in Afghanistan.